Tyson and Kimberly Chandler are doing all they can to help the Rockaways rebound as soon as possible in the aftermath of super-storm Sandy.

While visiting Far Rockaway on Sunday, November 11th with Hillsong NYC, the Chandlers had a firsthand look at the devastation that many are facing in that area.

Following the trip, the Chandlers started their Rebound for Rockaway/Rebound for New York campaign to help collect items as well as raise funds for Sandy relief. They will be collecting items as well as setting up a registry through Diapers.com. These items will be delivered to the Action Community Center in Far Rockaway. 

We have selected Hillsong NYC as a recipient of Rebound4Rockaway. Hillsong NYC will direct the funds to local communities affected by Hurricane Sandy following the model we established through our community program, Rebound4Rockaway. At the direction of Kimberly and Tyson, Hillsong NYC’S donation will be earmarked to provide toys, jackets, food and essentials to children in Sandy affected areas.