THE COURT: Mavs Excited About Return of Ty

JUL 18 2014 12:20pm Posted by Alex Sims
Oklahoma City Thunder v Dallas Mavericks - Game Five

The last time Tyson Chandler wore a Dallas Mavericks jersey, he walked off the floor as an NBA Champion, and now that he’s back, the franchise is thinking title once again.

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THE COURT: Welcome Home Tyson

JUL 01 2014 12:37pm Posted by Alex Sims

The Dallas Mavericks rolled out the figurative red carpet for Tyson Chandler upon his return to Big D. Upon the announcement of the trade, the Mavs splattered their official website and Twitter account with images of the big man who helped guide them to the 2011 NBA Championship—but they didn’t stop there. Over the weekend, [...]

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THE COURT: TC Ready to Win Again in Return to Dallas

JUN 27 2014 11:15am Posted by Alex Sims
Dallas Mavericks v Sacramento Kings

When Tyson Chandler was told that he had been traded to the Dallas Mavericks, it immediately evoked TC’s great memories of the franchise’s 2011 NBA title run. But as Tyson began to think about his next tenure in Dallas, those thoughts turned to his new team’s next run at basketball’s biggest prize. “I hope it [...]

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